How amazing would it be to feel happy - every, single day?

Regardless of the circumstances around you. Overwhelm. Stress. Parenting.

If you're tired of getting to the end of another week, only to find yourself burnt out and frustrated, yet again, I built The Itchy Soul especially for you: Monthly community coaching that looks after your mental well-being.

Business is great. You're building a life you love. You have everything going for you. There's no reason not to be happy, except some days do your head in so much, you feel like you could scream!

And you've been around the block enough times to know: This is not what you signed up for!

Hiya, I'm El Edwards, author of five novels, silver-lining spotter, mum of three, unpaid taxi-driver, school governor,  and (most importantly for our purposes today) your hostess of happiness.

(I tell you all that because I need you to understand that I'm about choosing happy in the real world, not waiting until you have the perfect ideal life circumstances. You have a lot of demands made of you and I get that.)

I help self-employed mums just like you embrace their inner weirdos so they can choose happy every day (without having to wait until they've made a bunch of changes!)

If you're ready to choose happy, you've come to the right place!

Introducing … The Itchy Soul

Here's how it works:

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Between now and August 31st it costs £100 £75 per month, paid via Paypal.

The great news is by joining as a founder member, your monthly price is locked in for as long as you choose to be a member.

When the price goes up on September 1st (and again on January 1st) the price of your subscription will remain the same.

Call it my little thank you for joining at this early stage.

On August 27th you'll get access to our private community ahead of our pre-launch live get together. By the time we kick off for reals on September 3rd, you'll be ready to go!

Before that though, you'll get a paperback copy of The Itchy Soul in the mail. (Yes, real post!)

Back in the summer of 2016, armed with an outline for my non-fiction happiness book, I decided it would be sooo much more fun as a novel, and The Itchy Soul was born.

(More about this in the FAQ.)

The Itchy Soul novel will give you a hint about our monthly themes (more about those in the FAQ too!) but it's mostly about introducing happiness 'stuff' in an easy, non-threatening way.

But it doesn't stop there.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have your own confidante and personal coach on tap, someone who knew you, understood your fears, holding your hand as you travelled your entrepreneurial journey.

I’m here to give you the support, encouragement and guidance you need to perform the brain gymnastics that will move you forward more quickly.

You’ll finally have a place to go to when all the stuff in your head gets too much.

Any time that stuff comes up that you can’t say out loud in the public domain? We can deal with it together.

Join us in The Itchy Soul today.

"Nothing beats the personalised attention you get from El. And I never knew working on my projects could be such fun!

I'd recommend El to any entrepreneur who's ready to build their next project, the enriching project that will give you more from life. El will help you make it happen!"

- Rebecca Tall Brown, Office of Awesome

The Itchy Soul Annual


Per Year
  • Early bird access – join us for our live pre-launch kick off, week beginning August 27th.
  • Group coaching  in our private Facebook community.
  • Monthly themes – letting your little weirdo out in all areas of life.
  • A happiness boost that has to be experienced to be believed.
  • 2 Months free – Perfect for when you know you have a longer term project to work on.
  • Paperback copy of The Itchy Soul – Includes space for making notes. Do the exercises directly in the book!
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