Fill in the blank: "I'll be happy when .... "

Are you ready to be happy every day - without waiting until you've made a bunch of changes?

When it comes to our day to day happiness, us women are so good at putting everyone else first.

Add running a business and raising a family into the mix and it's no wonder so many of us feel there's no time to focus on happiness (because who wants yet another thing on their list?!?)

No more! It's time to be you, you wonderful glorious freak you!

You’re God’s masterpiece, poem, work of art, and he doesn’t need a do over!

Hiya, I'm El Edwards and I'm on a mission to help you choose happy every day.

How? By having fun with science based brain hacks and getting real about what's going on inside our heads.

Why? Because we're all a little bit mental and it’s time we embraced that reality and started looking for ways to better support ourselves and the people around us.

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